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When issues in divorce or real estate arise, getting advice or representation from an attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected. Divorce is often difficult, especially when there are children or a large amount of assets. And with substantial amounts of monies surrounding real estate transactions, there’s a lot at stake.

Divorce and Separation: Attorney Anthony DeBari

A separation is not the same as divorce. Separation means that you’re living apart from your spouse but are still legally married. Plus, there are different types of separation, including trial, permanent and legal. All three have the potential to affect your legal rights, so it’s important to consult with an attorney.

Today, most issues surrounding divorce are settled out of court through mediation, arbitration or collaborative law. Mediation and arbitration are a bit similar. A series of meetings are held to identity and resolve issues. The mediator or arbitration panel helps spouses engage in discussions for a resolution. Upon reaching a proposed settlement, attorney Anthony DeBari carefully reviews the agreement before you sign on the dotted line. When compared to going to court, these non-adversarial methods are more timely and cost effective. In collaborative law, attorneys representing the spouses work together to achieve an agreement. Keeping divorce out of the courtroom is also less contentious. However, attorney Anthony DeBari is fully prepared to go to court if needed.

Real Estate Law: The Law Offices of Anthony DeBari

Like any other category of law, the rules and regulations governing real estate transactions are complex. Whether it’s a residential or commercial transaction, an attorney can assist with the following:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts
  • Resolving easement, title and environmental issues
  • Writing up contingencies for protection
  • Financing
  • Settling disputes among parties involved in the transaction

All around, a real estate attorney takes the proper legal action to protect your wallet and your real estate investment. In the event of a dispute that cannot be settled out of court, a real estate attorney can initiate a lawsuit and fight on your behalf in court.

If you’re facing a divorce or engaging in a real estate transaction, turn to the Law Offices of Anthony DeBari for the best legal advice and assistance. They’re experienced and will fight for your rights.